Friday, August 26, 2005

A New Beginning?

Without much thought or planning (and without the aid of any performance enhancers), tonight I am making my first post to my new blog. Why am I blogging now, at age 43? On a Saturday morning in August 2005? As I mention in my profile, I need an outlet. Somehow I ended up in a very stressful job in a once-glamorous business where over the past 15 years my working day has evolved from about 10 hours a day (with a 1 hour lunch break) to about 14-15 hours a day, with lunch always at my desk. Why do I keep at it, why don't I quit? Two reasons, really. The first is that I really have no other marketable skills except for taking a similarly stressful job in the same dying industry for probably significantly less money at a competitor. The other is that I'm under contract for another 16 months, and I am taking some perverse pleasure in seeing if I can actually serve out the remainder of the contract without keeling over first.

Hopefully as I become more comfortable with my blog I'll be able to share more about myself, which I plan to do by writing about things that interest me. What might those things be? Well, let me start off by telling you how I got here to this site today.

As a kid I spent too much time watching TV. I should have spent more time riding my bike, playing ball, or creating the MS-DOS operating system, but instead a good chunk of time every afternoon was spent in front the tube. Like most kids, cartoons were a big part of my broadcast day. I was fortunate in that in my prime childhood years local TV stations still showed a fair amount of theatrical cartoons from the 1930s-50s, as well as the 50s-60s TV product that retained sufficient charm and entertainment value to offset the increasingly mediocre contemporary 1970s cartoons that dominated the three networks on Saturday mornings. Anyway, as I grew older my interest in animated cartoons never waned, and one fateful day while in college I stumbled across a copy of Of Mice And Magic by Leonard Maltin, which is one of the "10 Books That Made Me What I Am, For Better Or Worse" (we'll probably hit the other 9 over time, once I figure out what numbers 2-10 were). Anyway, recently I picked up the book for the first time in about a decade, which rekindled my somewhat dormant enthusiasm for animation. Inspired anew by the Maltin book, for the first time I began to investigate many of the excellent animation websites, particularly and the many related sites which link from there. One of those links on the Cartoon Brew site was to a fascinating collection of drawings by the animator Irv Spence (here is the link to that site: Well, I noticed on the top of the page on the Filboid Sudge site an invitation to "get your own blog". Well the next thing you know I clicked on the link, and here I am!

This is just an example of the fascinating stuff you'll be getting from old Mr. Ray on Midlife Slices for the foreseeable future (or at least until I decide to change my outlet from blogging to something more daring like self-administered body art). In the immortal words of Tigger (Paul Winchell, R.I.P.), "T.T.F.N. - Ta Ta For Now!".

Mister Ray


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