Monday, August 29, 2005

If A Blog Falls . . .

Well, I finally have confirmation that someone actually has read this blog because I received my first comments today. Thank you for all of your sincere offers to help my with my printing needs, search engine positioning and real estate opportunities. I look forward to your continued avid readership of this blog.

At some point over the past few years I have turned into an old fart. I had no desire to tune into the MTV VMAs last night, not even for the inevitable train wreck moment that will undoubtedly signal the end of someone's once-promising career. If I did watch the show would have been solely to celebrate the triumph of Green Day (considered old farts themselves to some of you youngsters out there). I have not, however, become so ossified that I would shell out big bucks to see (insert big FM DJ voice here) "The Stones". I remember in college I turned down the opportunity to see the group when they were touring in support of "Tattoo You" because I thought they were past their prime. That was almost 25 years ago! From what I recall my buddies (there were no "peeps" in 1981) told me the most memorable part of the show was when all 60,000 fans at Franklin Field in Philadelphia booed Prince off the stage. Of course, shortly after opening for "The Stones" Prince released 1999, and in the process began his own inexorable slide into the "classic rock" playlists of the 21st century.

Speaking of the 21st century, I feel gypped that I don't yet have a flying car. Shouldn't we all be driving flying cars and walking exclusively on moving sidewalks by now? Geez, we don't even have freaking monorails anywhere but Disneyland! The best we've been able to do so far this century is plasma TV. It just doesn't seem like we've hit our stride yet. Oh well, we still have a little time.


Mr. Ray


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